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Gerald A. Johnson, Senior Consultant and Owner of GAJ Technology Management

Gerald A. Johnson

Owner & Senior Consultant

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Gerald has a passion for helping small to large businesses better utilize IT by discovering the “why” behind their needs and by learning what clients want to accomplish, so he is able to provide the best solutions possible. It was Gerald’s passion for finding IT solutions for clients that emboldened him to start GAJ Technology Management, an IT Service Provider company, in 2015. He moved from a successful full-time position as IT Operations Manager with the American Academy of Ophthalmology to pursue growing his company full time.

Gerald’s love of IT started when he was in elementary school. His father introduced him to electronics through assembling tools and equipment such as a metronome and a vacuum (TV) tube tester from kits made up of bags of parts and a schematic. After being challenged with a reading disability, Gerald took to reading IT technical manuals in elementary school, DEC PDP11 Personal Computerwhich improved his reading skills; even today, he still prefers a good technical manual or business book. After 7th grade, Gerald built a Digital Equipment Corp, PDP11 personal computer (shown on left) from a Heathkit kit, which served several purposes including keeping him busy during summer break, feeding his desire to learn more about electronics, and introducing him to computers and programing. In high school, Gerald continued his exploration of computer technology by taking several classes in electronics and computer programming.

Gerald continued his formal education in electronics by entering Southern Illinois University’s (SIU-C) Electronic Technology program, where he received his Associate in Applied Science. He then proceeded into SIU-C’s Electronic Management program to continue his studies in Electronic Technology as well as Computer Programing and Management, in which he received his Bachelor of Science degree.

Gerald entered the professional world in the early 90s and, in 1993, Gerald married the love of his life, Jennifer, and moved to Arizona. While in Arizona, Gerald and Jennifer fell in love with the mountains, spending most of their weekends camping, hiking, and fishing along the Mogollon Rim outside of Payson. Gerald attended Arizona State University (ASU), where in 2001, he received his Master of Business Administration.

To continue his passion for learning, Gerald became PMP certified in 2009 (ID#1289803), CSM certified in 2011, and CSPO certified in 2012. He has also taken dozens of training classes ranging from computer programming to business management throughout his career.

After Jennifer finished graduate school in California, she and Gerald started a family and their love for the mountains and desire to live closer to nature continued to grow. They fell in love with the Missoula area in Montana and now share their love for the outdoors with their 2 children. When Jennifer and Gerald are not working, they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, bicycling, and camping, and they continue to enjoy raising their kids where there is lots of room to play.

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